📍Portland, OR || 📬bugcub.design@gmail.com || 🖌️Available for illustration work
I’m a first-generation college graduate from Portland State University’s Graphic Design program where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2020. I identify as nonbinary (they/she) and I am an autistic ADHDer (AuDHD). I deeply care about social issues, and strive to work in a space which encourages personal growth and considers the intersection of identities in design processes and structures. Collecting cute objects, listening to Cocteau Twins, and crafting are some of my favorite things.
My design passions lie in illustration, print publications, packaging, and branding. I aspire for opportunities with murals, children’s book illustrations, band merch, logo design, and toy packaging in the future.
If you’d like to work with me on a project, please email me at bugcub.design@gmail.com :-)

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