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BUGCUB is the internet moniker of Sarah Falletti-Velasco (she/they). They are a designer and illustrator living on unceded Cowlitz land (Portland, OR.)

I’m a first-generation college graduate from Portland State University’s Graphic Design program where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree. I deeply care about social issues, and strive to work in a space which encourages personal growth andconsiders the intersection of identities in design processes and structures. I love to collect cute objects and print on risographs.

My favorite projects to work on include illustration, print publications, posters, and UI/UX. I aspire for opportunities with murals, children’s book illustrations, band merch, and motion in the future.

If you’d like to work with me on a project, please email me at bugcub.design@gmail.com :-)

Click here for my resume!